Coach Piotr Sierzputowski reflects on Iga Swiatek's 2021 season

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Coach Piotr Sierzputowski reflects on Iga Swiatek's 2021 season

Coach Piotr Sierzputowski said the 2021 season was a big success for Iga Swiatek as she claimed they achieved all of their goals they set for the season. Swiatek, who won her maiden Grand Slam title at the French Open last year, won her maiden Masters title in Rome this year and made her debut at the WTA Finals.

"I would say that we achieved all the goals we set," Sierzputowski told WTA Insider in Guadalajara. "In the last preseason, where we set up to get to the small finals, the WTA Elite Trophy, not even here. So we went way above.

Of course, we put it as a dream, as a goal that was maybe possible, but you have to play really, really consistently for your whole year and have a few great results."

Coach 'supper happy' about Swiatek's season

Swiatek also made it all the way in Adelaide but didn't impress in her WTA Finals debut as she went 1-2 and failed to make the semifinal.

"I'm super happy about the season. She really, like, spoke out loudly that she really belongs here. It's not by mistake that she won a Grand Slam. That Grand Slam didn't count to get to the WTA Finals. It wasn't two weeks, it was a whole season.

Of course, there is a lack of some more successes this year, for sure. But I'm happy about it because it's like a hunger you can get so you can get new positive energy for the next year, for your next goals," Sierzputowski said..

"She lost only two matches on the WTA Tour that I would say she lost because she was tight, not because she was on that day the weaker player. Of course, you can always improve through the match and try to bring your mental higher, but I do not expect her to do this as she's 20 years old. She has to learn, she has to get the knowledge, she has to get experience."