Jo Durie: I knew Emma Raducanu was talented but didn't expect her to win the US Open

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Jo Durie: I knew Emma Raducanu was talented but didn't expect her to win the US Open

Former British No. 1 Jo Durie believes Emma Raducanu's US Open victory will serve as a motivation to British youngsters. Raducanu, who turned 19 just a few days ago, captured her maiden Grand Slam title at the US Open after winning 10 matches to become the first qualifier in tennis history to win a Major.

"Emma Raducanu won the UK Pro League last year and there are some players who played her in this country not so long ago and beat her," Durie said, per Tennishead. “Then a few months later, they see her winning a Grand Slam and they will think why can’t I do something like that.

It has given them extra motivation and confidence."

Raducanu's US Open victory 'surprised' Durie

"It really has had an impact on a lot of people. She is so engaging as a character, easy to watch as she is such a great player and it really has inspired a lot of people and given our game a massive boost," Durie explained.

“What I saw in Emma in recent years is someone who I knew was going to be very good, but to win a Grand Slam like that, no I didn’t see that happening." Raducanu won a Grand Slam title before she captured her first WTA Tour win.

“This was someone who didn’t play much at the start of this year, had not even played a match on the WTA Tour and then she played in the manner she did at Wimbledon before we all saw what happened at the US Open,” Durie remarked.

“That was not on anyone’s radar, but we can all see the talent there. She works hard, is eager to learn, has a great temperament, so let’s celebrate her success. It’s fantastic for Emma and everyone involved in British tennis”. Raducanu was ranked outside the top-400 a couple of months ago but she ended the season ranked at No. 20.