Patrick McEnroe: Alexander Zverev winning Grand Slam is inevitable

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Patrick McEnroe: Alexander Zverev winning Grand Slam is inevitable

Patrick McEnroe is confident that Alexander Zverev will one day become a Grand Slam champion. Zverev, 24, has won at every level except the Grand Slam level. On Sunday, Zverev beat Daniil Medvedev to lift his second ATP Finals title.

Zverev's biggest goal for the 2022 season is to win a Grand Slam title. "Look, I've won on every level except for the Slams. It's the only thing I'm missing and I'll do whatever I can to change that next season.

I'm already looking forward to 2022, because I know that I still have things to improve," Zverev told Sport Klub. McEnroe absolutely believes Zverev has the tools to become a Grand Slam champion. "I feel like it’s inevitable Zverev is going to win a major,” McEnroe told The New York Times.

“I’ve been saying for a couple years that he’s been knocking on the door. Now he’s banging on it”.

McEnroe on the Zverev off court drama

A year ago, Zverev was accused by ex-girlfriend Olya Sharypova of domestic violence.

The ATP is investigating the case and Zverev is hoping his name will be cleared after the ATP finishes the investigation. Despite the off court drama, Zverev had a big 2021 season. "I think it’s affected him personally a lot more than he’s let on,” McEnroe said.

“These allegations hanging over him are very uncomfortable, and we can only hope it works out for everybody, including the young woman in this situation. But the larger issue for tennis if I put on my ESPN hat and former U.S.T.A.

hat is that, let’s be honest, these young guys at the moment are not moving the needle for tennis the same way the older guys have. They are not selling tickets the first week of the U.S. Open the same way that Nadal, Federer and Djokovic have been doing”.