Marin Cilic: Davis Cup has evolved with changes it made to competition

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Marin Cilic: Davis Cup has evolved with changes it made to competition

Former world No. 3 Marin Cilic believes the Davis Cup has "evolved" with the changes it has made to the competition. In 2019, the Davis Cup changed the format of the competition. The inaugural Davis Cup Finals were staged in 2019 but the event was cancelled last year due to the pandemic.

"I think it has (evolved). We have new experiences and the Davis Cup has brought us new things, even though everything hasn't fallen into place for us yet. We are all still connected to the old Davis Cup, home and away ties, and the great atmosphere.

We are very motivated, we will meet Australia and Hungary and I believe we can make a solid result. The goal is to pass the group, enter the quarterfinals, and then whatever happens, happens," Cilic told the Croatian Tennis Federation.

Cilic in a good form

Cilic ended runner-up in Moscow, before he won it all the following week in St. Petersburg. "During the whole week I think my level was really good. I felt that I can still get my game to a better level, and it was a little bit similar today," Cilic said after winning St.

Petersburg. "I was playing great on some occasions, missing some opportunities, serving for the first set, not making that first set more comfortably. As things went on, obviously Taylor started to play better. But in the end, [it was] a great mental battle from my side." Cilic, ranked at No.

30 in the world, isn't giving up on winning the biggest titles again. "My plans are to keep pushing myself, to keep training hard to give myself an opportunity to again win great tournaments and to play amazing tennis, to be winning against guys who are at the top," Cilic said.

"That’s obviously my goal. Who knows where it will take me, but for me, it’s a great start, these two tournaments in Russia. It obviously helps so much for my confidence end of the season playing this well."