Robin Soderling explains how he is trying to be good Davis Cup captain for Sweden

Soderling constantly trying to find ways to become better in his job.

by Dzevad Mesic
Robin Soderling explains how he is trying to be good Davis Cup captain for Sweden

Sweden Davis Cup tem captain Robin Soderling insists he is constantly trying to find ways to be a good captain as he wants to form a close connection with his players. Soderling enjoyed a successful tennis career as he twice ended runner-up at the French Open and his career-high ranking saw him ranked at No.

4 in the world. When a players asks Soderling about a certain thing, the Swede tries to get back in time and try to remember how he felt in that situation. “To be a good captain I think you have to realise that if you have five players, there’s going to be five different personalities,” he explained, per the Davis Cup website.

“So you have to think what works best on this player and what works best on another player. That’s what I try to do. “I also try to go back a lot to myself and think ‘how did I feel as a player?’.

I would like to think that when players ask me things, they can feel that whatever I say it’s from my experience, because I experienced those matches for myself. I played the big matches and all players have the same struggles, the same feelings”.

Soderling dreamed of representing Sweden

As a kid, Soderling was hoping he would one day in the Davis Cup. Soderling fulfilled his dream of playing the Davis Cup and now he is the captain of the Swedish team. “I remember as a young kid going to watch the Swedish matches and I was dreaming about maybe one day in my life playing there.

All the players in the team grew up with Swedish Davis Cup matches, they’ve been to basically all of the home matches when they were kids so everybody feels Davis Cup is something big," Soderling said. “Of course, it’s a new format now, not as many home and away matches, but still, Davis Cup is a big thing for every player – it’s up there with the Grand Slams. Every player really wants to succeed in Davis Cup”.

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