Leon Smith suggests ITF can't be making decision on Davis Cup on their own

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Leon Smith suggests ITF can't be making decision on Davis Cup on their own

Great Britain Davis Cup team captain Leon Smith insists players and captain should have a say in the future of the Davis Cup. The Davis Cup made big changes to the competition in 2019 and it go smooth as many players and legends came out and spoke against the new format.

“I know there’s a lot of common feelings across a lot of the players and the captains in that everyone wants Davis Cup to be a really, really important part of the tennis calendar moving forwards," Smith said.

“It’s got such history, gravitas. No one can control what’s happened here, but we can control what happens in the future with it and, if you talk to any of the players or the captains who’ve experienced the atmosphere, the environment is so important, whether that’s home, whether that’s away, but it’s got to be full crowds, it’s got to be what’s best for the players and the schedules."

Smith says he understands changes needed to happen

The Davis Cup was starting to lose on its popularity and the ITF decided to make changes to competition.

“I understand that things had to change, and between the ITF (International Tennis Federation) and Kosmos they’re still trying to find what’s going to work best, but I think there’s got to be an open dialogue about what happens next in this and still trying to find a solution to make sure this remains one of the most important things in the calendar," Smith continued.

“For someone like myself, I’m hearing that some things might be happening next year, but I’m only hearing it second hand. If it’s true what potentially might be happening, I think it would be good to be able to talk about it before any decisions are made.

“There’s so many good people working for ITF, Kosmos, everyone wants it to be great, I would just like us to speak a bit more before any final decisions happen”.