Tsonga: "I hope for a wild card at the Australian Open 2022"

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Tsonga: "I hope for a wild card at the Australian Open 2022"

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's 2021 was a tough year, one in which he turns everything wrong and it is difficult to do even the simplest things, those that once would have been done with your eyes closed. The Frenchman former number 5 in the world (2012), having reached the age of 36 year-old, was tormented by physical problems and, inevitably, the results on the field could only be disastrous.

Age advances, the best times are long gone and the two-time semifinalist at Roland Garros and Wimbledon is damned hard to find a condition that can be defined at least as acceptable. In 2019 the last two peaks so far with the triumphs in Montpellier and Metz, then the succession of injuries up to the exit from the top-100 (today he occupies position number 257 in the ATP ranking), certified last September.

Recently, however, he has provided big news for the foreseeable future. Number 5 in the world certainly does not become one by chance. In addition to the technical qualities, what makes the difference between the so-called normal players and those at the top are the mental, human ones.

Tsonga: "I hope for a wild card at the Australian Open 2022"

And Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's stubbornness pushes him to get back into the game for the umpteenth time, almost as if he doesn't want to give in to the bad luck that evidently wanted to have fun with him.

Hence, in an interview with Radio Montecarlo, the Frenchman officially announced his return to the court next year: "One thing is certain: you will see me in 2022." The dream is to return to play at the Australian Open, where he won the final in the 2008 edition a few months before his 23rd birthday: "I am preparing to come back in January and I hope to have the opportunity to receive an invitation to the Australian Open.

In the meantime, I'm working hard and trying to do my job in the best possible way." A word then on the last year: "From mid-summer it went much better. At the end of August I went to the US Open, I hurt my calf and in the end I decided to cancel my season finale because it wasn't too interesting."