Elias Ymer explains how Robin Soderling positively impacts him

Ymer spoke positively of Soderling following his Davis Cup win.

by Dzevad Mesic
Elias Ymer explains how Robin Soderling positively impacts him

Swede Elias Ymer admitted he was nervous before his Davis Cup Finals match against Steven Diez because he felt the pressure to end his four-match losing streak in the competition. Ymer managed to overcome the nerves as he beat Diez 6-4 6-2 in Sweden's 3-0 victory over Canada.

“I was thinking about it [my Davis Cup record] right after the match," Ymer admitted shortly after the victory. “I told them in the locker room, Guys, I just got a win. I was a bit nervous before with the match, too, because I've had tough losses in the Davis Cup”.

Ymer happy to be around Robin Soderling

Ymer gave credit to Sweden Davis Cup team captain Soderling following his win over Diez. "I’ve worked with Robin before in 2018. I feel like when I'm talking to him, he understands me very well.

We have a bit the same like game style. Whenever I feel something, he's kind of there supporting me. I think it's more mentally, I would say, than game-wise. I have a big trust in him. Whatever he says, I feel like it goes in," Ymer said.

Before the start of the Davis Cup Finals, Soderling spoke about how he's trying to be a good captain. "To be a good captain I think you have to realise that if you have five players, there’s going to be five different personalities,” he explained, per the Davis Cup website.

“So you have to think what works best on this player and what works best on another player. That’s what I try to do. “I also try to go back a lot to myself and think ‘how did I feel as a player?’.

I would like to think that when players ask me things, they can feel that whatever I say it’s from my experience, because I experienced those matches for myself. I played the big matches and all players have the same struggles, the same feelings."

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