Daniel Orsanic advises Juan Martin del Potro to keep expectations low in return

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Daniel Orsanic advises Juan Martin del Potro to keep expectations low in return

Former Argentina Davis Cup captain Daniel Orsanic has advised Juan Martin del Potro to keep his expectations low and enjoy his comeback process. Del Potro hasn't played since June 2019 as he has had four knee surgeries over the last two and a half years.

Orsanic suggests del Potro will immediately want to return to the top-10 and contend for big titles and he fears there could be a problem. "Players like Juan Martín del Potro are so competitive that finishing ranked at No.

30 or No. 40 year probably won't satisfy them. If you told me that Juan Martín was going to play in 2022 and he would finish at No. 30, I would sign. The point is that I don't know if he he would sign," Orsanic told La Pagina.

Del Potro not ready to walk away

“I love the challenge,” Del Potro told ESPN of his injury struggles at the US Open. “It could be a tennis challenge or a different challenge in life. “This is the toughest match of my career, because I cannot deal with these kind of injuries, this pain that I have now.

But I’m still trying and trying. “This is the life. I believe in myself that this is going to be in the past for sure. “But I think it’s also a message to the young kids, to all the players, to all the people around the world that they never have to give up following a dream and that’s what I’m doing with myself."

Being at the US Open and not being able to play wasn't easy for del potro. “When I was watching Medvedev’s match, it was a little bit frustrating to me to watch these guys play and [have] me [be on the] outside… to not be the guy who’s playing, fighting for the trophy," del Potro admitted.

“This is what’s happened to me at the moment, but I’m going to fight to keep moving and hopefully, next year, I can be a protagonist again and playing tennis."