Donna Vekic: This was really extremely difficult year for me

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Donna Vekic: This was really extremely difficult year for me

Former world No. 19 Donna Vekic admitted the 2021 season wasn't easy for her but she is now in good spirits and looking forward to the 2022 season. After losing in the Australian Open round-of-16, Vekic underwent a knee surgery.

Vekic was sidelined for the next three and a half months. "I rested quite well, but I already started preparations this week. There is not much time this year, Christmas and the trip to Australia will be coming soon, so we should make the most of this time," Vekic told Sportske Novosti.

"This was a really extremely difficult year, my first big injury and surgery happened. I didn't even know what to expect after that, the recovery was really long and painful, but the year ended successfully and I am looking forward to the next season in which I will, I hope, be ready and healthy and play tennis again without pain."

Vekic finished the year on a good note

In her last tournament of the 2021 season, Vekic won Courmayeur after beating Clara Tauson in the final. It was Vekic's first title since 2017 and a victory that certainly boosted her confidence.

"That title was a proof to myself that all the work and effort I put in was not for nothing and that it still pays off to train, work, invest effort in recovery and all other things that are not pleasant as playing on the court.

It’s definitely an extra motivation for me for everything that will come," Vekic noted. After the US Open, Vekic hired Luka Kutanjac. Vekic is extremely happy with how their collaboration has been going so far. "Both, Luka definitely brought refreshment to the team, a positive attitude and that helped me a lot.

I will continue to work with him next season and I think I really have a lot of room for improvement, and he is the one who can give me that," Vekic said.