Wilander: "Emma Raducanu doesn't need an expert coach"

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Wilander: "Emma Raducanu doesn't need an expert coach"
Wilander: "Emma Raducanu doesn't need an expert coach" (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Emma Raducanu, Slam champion at the US Open 2021, recently closed her collaboration with her historic coach to rely on Torben Beltz, an experienced coach who also worked with Angelique Kerber. Mats Wilander commented on the situation during his last interview.

The British tends to change coaches often, to a large extent also listening to familiar opinions. Here's how Wilander analyzed the question: "I'm not saying Torben Beltz is not a good coach, he drove Angelique Kerber for a long time and helped her win Grand Slams.

The fact is that Kerber knew what he had to do to get there. My feeling is that it is not necessary to take seasoned coaches when you are 18 year-old and you are fresh, flat of life. We have to let these guys grow before we can step in and shape them.

Otherwise there is great danger of holding back the development that Emma can have to become a great player.

Mats Wilander: "Emma Raducanu doesn't need an expert coach"

Young people have to grow at their own pace, and in Emma Raducanu's case I don't think it's a good thing that there are various voices over her head.

The only voice she has to hear is hers. You know how to win a Grand Slam. She has already done it. She has to have fun, that she allows her to do what she likes on and off the pitch. And she has to develop at her pace, without someone else forcing her.

Young people need to play as they see fit, realize how good they are and experience the descents and ascents with what their years are. And you don't need to hire an experienced coach to help you win a Grand Slam." Emma Raducanu at 18 years and ten months and with a world number 150 ranking, won her first career Grand Slam title at her US Open in her fifth overall appearance on the WTA Tour.

Thanks to this success, Raducanu broke numerous records: she became the first tennis player ever (both men and women) to succeed in the enterprise starting from the qualifications, the youngest women tennis player to win a Major since Maria's triumph Sharapova at Wimbledon 2004 and the first British player to win a Grand Slam after Virginia Wade in 1977.

A few weeks earlier, at Wimbledon, she had pushed her way to the fourth round, becoming the youngest British player in the Open era to reach the round of 16 in the London Slam, at her first participation.

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