Annabel Croft: Emma Raducanu needs experience and Torben Beltz brings that

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Annabel Croft: Emma Raducanu needs experience and Torben Beltz brings that

Eurosport tennis pundit Annabel Croft has suggested that she is a fan of Emma Raducanu hiring Torben Beltz as her new coach. Raducanu split with coach Andrew Richardson following her US Open victory because she wanted to add a more experienced coach.

“I think with a new coach in place, I think she’ll be very good. He’s incredibly experienced, it’s early days. How long will they stick together? There’s a feeling that none of these coaches are going to be given long-term contracts so we’ll see how long it goes but I think she’s chosen somebody who is very experienced which is what she wanted," Croft said, as quoted on Tennis Up To Date.

Beltz worked with Angelique Kerber in the past as he led the German to multiple Grand Slam titles and a world No. 1 ranking. "I'm feeling excited about all the work that is to come. I think he brings a lot of experience.

Obviously, he’s worked with Kerber, who’s such a great player and has done extremely well, winning three slams. I think that experience definitely helps with someone as inexperienced as me," Raducanu said after hiring Beltz.

Croft tips Raducanu to continue improving her ranking

Raducanu, who was ranked at No. 150 during the US Open, is now enjoying a career-high ranking of No 19 in the world. “I think her ranking will continue to rise.

I can’t see it going in reverse. I think they’ll obviously be enormous pressure building towards Wimbledon and then towards the US Open. I think she’s going back to the beginning and doing it in reverse and doing her apprenticeship now," Croft said.

Croft suggested that Raducanu is still going through a learning phase and that it will take time before she gains the much-needed experience. “It’s an extraordinary situation and most players she’s playing up against are maybe three or 10 years [more] experience compared to her and she’s going to have to go through all those matches and learn about those situations which will take time. She’s not going to win every single match," Croft explained.