Michael Stich: Marcos Baghdatis lost but went viral after breaking four rackets

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Michael Stich: Marcos Baghdatis lost but went viral after breaking four rackets

Former world No. 2 Michael Stich reveals he would like to see more authentacity in the game and he used Marcos Baghdatis breaking four rackets as an example of what fans want to see. Baghdatis lost it on the court at one point during his 2012 Australian Open second round clash against Stan Wawrinka as he broke four rackets in less than a minute.

The crowd absolutely loved it and went crazy. Baghdatis received a code violation and went on to lose the match in straight sets but his act of breaking four rackets in less than a minute made the headlines. "Personally, I miss the authenticity of the players on the court.

That what defines their character, real feelings and reactions. i remember when Marcos Baghdatis lost in the Australian Open first round and there was no report on the match, only that he smashed four rackets on the court. It was all over the news.

That showed that fans don't want only to see the performance, the records or who is the No. 1 in the world, they also want to see emotions," Stich told Tennis Magazin.

Stich wanted Roger Federer to win Wimbledon and retire

At the start of the year, 1911 Wimbledon champion Stich said it would be perfect if Federer won this year's Wimbledon and then called it a career.

"It is clear that at some point he will stop," Stich told Stats Perform News earlier this year. "Many would have thought that already five years ago. We have no influence on that. I would wish for him to win Wimbledon and say after the final: 'You know what, I had a sick time, I'll stop.'

"There couldn't be anything better and that would give so much to the sport." Federer made the Wimbledon quarterfinal before losing to Hubert Hurkacz. Two months later, Federer put an end to his season to undergo a knee surgery.