Johanna Konta reveals moment she realized retirement was coming


Johanna Konta reveals moment she realized retirement was coming

Johanna Konta revealed shortly after returning home from the United States she felt retirement was coming. Konta played her last tournament of the 2021 season at the Cincinnati Masters, where she lost to Karolina Muchova in the first round.

Konta, 30, officially put an end to her career on Wednesday. "I remember when I got back from the U.S., that's where it kind of culminated and where I felt like the decision was coming. Not too long after that, I felt like I was making the decision.

I held my racquet because I was putting it away and I started crying," Konta told WTA Insider. "So in that sense, it is a breakup. But it is amicable because I don't look back on my career and judge it according to everything that it took from me to achieve it.

I do look back on it and just see everything that it gave me and everything it's allowed me to experience. I definitely see it like that, not on the negative side of what it took to experience those things."

Konta couldn't give herself anymore

Doing the behind the scenes sacrifices became tough for Konta and she knew without that she would not be able to play at the level she would like.

"Exactly. And I think that's a nice narrative to actually hear other players say that because it is that part that takes all of you. You give yourself to this job, to this existence to be able to do what people see," Konta noted.

"Nowadays, if you don't have that anymore, then you can't do that because you're actually not going to be good enough. There are very few players in history that can half-ass it. Very, very few. And I probably would say just a handful of players who can just show up but their God-given talent is so huge that they can get away with a lot of it."

Johanna Konta