Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: I know when I'm going to stop but won't reveal it

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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: I know when I'm going to stop but won't reveal it

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, 36, has acknowledged that he still wants to play despite being plagued by injuries over recent years. “I just want to play. Several times I wondered if I should continue, if my motivation still existed and I must say that it is intact.

In the end, what drives me is passion," Tsonga told Tour le Sport, as quoted on We Love Tennis. Tsonga, now ranked at No. 258 in the world, admitted he knows when he is going to retire but won't reveal it yet. Tsonga played his last tournament of the 2021 season at Wimbledon and he finished the season with only one win in eight tournaments played.

“I'm not afraid. I know when I'm going to stop but I want to keep it to myself," Tsonga said.

Tsonga's views of the game changed

“At the beginning, for me playing tennis was also the possibility to live,” Tsonga told The Guardian in May.

“To be able to pay for a house, an apartment. To eat and do things, other activities “Now it’s completely different because I play for 15 years now on the tour and now I’m playing because I always want to do better.

I always want to prove to myself that I’m able to do things on the court." Tsonga played only two matches in 2020 due to a back injury and he kicked off his 2021 campaign in late-February. “It was really difficult,” Tsonga admitted.

“I didn’t do sports for eight months and, of course, I lost all my physical capacity so [it was a success] to come back and to show a little step forward in my condition. To feel a little better. Because at the beginning I was not even able to play for 20 minutes. I had to go through all this rehab, things that nobody likes."