Nick Kyrgios reveals moment he realized Felix Auger-Aliassime was 'tennis freak'

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Nick Kyrgios reveals moment he realized Felix Auger-Aliassime was 'tennis freak'

Former world No. 13 Nick Kyrgios admitted there are players more dedicated and committed than he is but added that everyone is different. After making the Wimbledon quarterfinal as a teenager in 2014, Kyrgios was tipped to become a future Grand Slam champion and world No.

1. Kyrgios' talent was never in question but he has struggled to fully commit and dedicate and commit to the game. “I wouldn’t say I respect them more. I just think that everyone’s different," said Kyrgios on his No Boundaries podcasst.

"For instance, Stefanos Tsitsipas would do everything and dedicate his life to playing at the Slams. Like diet-wise, he’s doing yoga, stretching, gymming. I may not be doing that but I wouldn’t say I respect him more just because he does that.

Everyone’s different”.

Kyrgios tips Felix Auger-Aliassime to do amazing things

Kyrgios had a chance to get to know Auger-Aliassime better as both represented Team World at the Laver Cup in September. Kyrgios was amazed by how Auger-Aliassime was trying to use every situation to learn something new.

"For instance, Felix Auger Aliassime is my teammate on the bench and we’re watching Rublev and Schwartzman play," added Kyrgios. "I’m just sitting on the bench recovering, wearing a hat on, just out of it.

Felix is like on his phone recording points. I’m like this guy is f****d up. I respect the f*** out of that, like he’s going to do amazing things because of that but I’m like to what extent?!” During his podcast, six-time ATP champion Kyrgios described playing mixed doubles with Serena Williams as his most uncomfortable experience.

"I’ve hit with Serena before,” Kyrgios said on his podcast. “I played mixed doubles with her at IPTL and it was the most uncomfortable experience for me because she was trying to do everything. “And I was like ‘I’m better than you.' "