Kyrgios' girlfriend shock: "Nick told me to not commit suicide"

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Kyrgios' girlfriend shock: "Nick told me to not commit suicide"

In addition to being one of the most particular tennis players on the ATP Tout, Nick Kyrgios is always the protagonist of much discussed events, even outsite the court. The former Australian tennis child prodigy is experiencing a very critical phase in his career and there are even those who think that in a short time he can think about retiring from tennis.

Nick himself has in the past made worrying statements about his future and at the moment everything appears in the balance. In this 2021 Nick was also the protagonist of a particular love story, a very turbulent love story and a victim of ups and downs with the beautiful Italian-Australian girl Chiara Passari.

The two have been together for some time but have alternated happy moments with quite particular situations with the woman who has released heavy accusations against him. Kyrgios on the tennis court has been stopped for some time and there is curiosity if the tennis player will return to take the field in Australia, his birthplace.

Chiara Passari's words to Nick Kyrgios

In the last few hours, important new statements from Kyrgios' girlfriend have sprung up. The two are perhaps now in the process of breaking up and the woman has heavily accused the tennis player with words that perhaps could even be taken into consideration by the judicial authorities.

Here are her heavy accusations: "I can't forget when he left me on the street alone at 4 am in New York, taking off my phone and wallet and in the meantime he went to one of his former girlfriends. He told me it was my fault and that I shouldn't do the victim.

Then he bragged to friends about he sleeping with a stripper, only three days after we broke up. He called me one day and told me that I shouldn't do stupid things like commit suicide, I just had to shut up and let him go."

Very heavy words from the woman who had already severely attacked Nick in the past, then the two got back together and the situation got better Now it is all to understand the future with these words that undoubtedly hurt and appear very heavy.