Fernando Verdasco on absent Alexander Zverev: He said his dream was to win DC

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Fernando Verdasco on absent Alexander Zverev: He said his dream was to win DC

Davis Cup Finals tournament director Fernando Verdasco has defended the competition's new format and he suggested that players like Alexander Zverev have no choice but to accept the new format. Zverev, ranked at No. 3 in the world, decided against playing the Davis Cup Finals.

Zverev said it's not the real Davis Cup anymore so he didn't want to participate. Zverev, who captured his maiden gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, once revealed his dream was to win the Davis Cup. “Many people are used to the old tradition and that is why they do not approve of this new format.

Zverev, for example, is one of those who has said that he dreamed of winning the Davis Cup for a lifetime … but things evolve, just as there was no Hawkeye before and now there is. We will all have to get used to it, there is no other choice," Verdasco told Eurosport Espana, as revealed on Tennishead,

Verdasco strongly defends the new format

The Davis Cup was losing on its popularity so the ITF made a drastic change to the competition in 2019.

The change wasn't welcomed well as many current and former players spoke against the new format. "When I played the Davis Cup, all the players complained asking for this new format, we wanted a Davis Cup of ten days at the end of the season and not have to play four qualifiers spread throughout the year," Verdasco added.

“Sometimes you went from playing the Australian Open, to playing indoors to Belarus and then to South America on clay. In three weeks you were playing on three different surfaces, the worst for a player. The factor of playing at home or playing outside was very good, in a stadium of 8,000 people you had the public with you or you had it against you, that made it special. But if we talk about the calendar, we all asked for this format …”