Jannik Sinner: I was so thin and weak I couldn't even lift my little racket

Sinner recalls going to the tennis court with his father.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jannik Sinner: I was so thin and weak I couldn't even lift my little racket

World No. 10 Jannik Sinner says he only believes in hard work and that has been his motto since Day 1. Sinner is considered as one of the most talented players on the Tour as many believe he has the potential to one day win a Grand Slam and become a world No.

1. "Talent does not exist for me, one has to earn it. You can have slightly better skills, but if you work you will get higher; the one who works is the one who has talent," Sinner said during his interview with the Intesa San Paolo.

Sinner, who has a thin frame, revealed he couldn't even lift his racket when he first went to the court because he was so thin and weak. "I remember that in the winter I went to the tennis court with my father and I took my 'little' racket.

I could never even lift it because I was thin and without strength," Sinner revealed.

Sinner happy with his 2021 season

Sinner captured four titles this year, broke into the top-10 for the first time in his career and made his debut at the ATP Finals.

"It’s the end of the 2021 season for me, thanks everyone for you support throughout this year, it’s been a great one. As always there are many things to improve on but I’m so excited for next year and for what’s to come, see you all when I’m back on court in 2022," Sinner said in a Twitter post.

Sinner was recently praised by world No. 1 Novak Djokovic. "Naturally, I somehow recognize parts of myself in someone, some characteristics that I had in my youth: confidence, self-belief, a great desire to win, passion and devotion for the sport.

I can see these in young (Carlos) Alcaraz, as well as in (Jannik) Sinner, and it was obvious in (Alexander) Zverev when he was coming up," Djokovic said.

Jannik Sinner