1973 French Open runner-up Nikola Pilic rips new Davis Cup format

Pilic not a fan of the new Davis Cup format and a proposed plan to move the event to Abu Dhabi.

by Dzevad Mesic
1973 French Open runner-up Nikola Pilic rips new Davis Cup format

1973 French Open runner-up Nikola Pilic ripped the new Davis Cup format because he believes it's a disaster. Also, Pilic couldn't believe the proposed move to move the Davis Cup to Abu Dhabi for five years. "It's a disaster!

If the players wanted to play only three matches (instead of 5), that's fine. If the players wanted some changes after 130 years, that's fine again," Pilic said. "But what this soccer player from Barcelona (Gerard Pique) and some others did -- they bought everything with money -- it's a disaster.

I ask them: Where is the (Davis Cup) atmosphere. Davis Cup was once a symbol for a great atmosphere, where is it today? "Coincidentally Spain reached the final in Madrid two years ago. If they didn't reach the final, nobody would have been in the stadium.

I don't want to be disrespectful, but this new system, which was created, is no good. "Watch out, they now talk about moving the Davis Cup to Abu Dhabi, and after years they would go to the United States and do some show which has nothing with the Davis Cup.

Davis is playing for your country, it's emotions, the atmosphere, the noise. (Davis Cup is) where the real players get the most out of themselves."

Pilic agrees with Lleyton Hewitt

Australia Davis Cup team captain Hewitt said the ITF is about to sell the soul of the Davis Cup.

“I’ve only heard a rumour but I think it’s ridiculous, it’s not what Davis Cup is about,” Hewitt said. “The Davis Cup was held in the highest regard, up there with the pinnacle of our sport in tennis — with matches played over five sets.

“We threw that out the door and then we’ve thrown the home and away out the door as well. “Playing a qualifying tie here or there, best of three sets, is not the same as having home and away, main draw matches over the year.

“So if they’re going and selling the soul of the Davis Cup to the Middle East for another five years, I think it’s ridiculous, and they’re really killing the competition."

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