Marion Bartoli: I saw lot of fear in Sabine Lisicki eyes, she was lost on court

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Marion Bartoli: I saw lot of fear in Sabine Lisicki eyes, she was lost on court

Former world No. 7 Marion Bartoli insists she saw fear in the eyes of Sabine Lisicki as they were about to enter the court for their Wimbledon final. Bartoli, 37, captured her lone Grand Slam in 2013 after beating Lisicki 6-1 6-4 in the Wimbledon final.

"Before we entered the court, I saw quite a lot of fear in her eyes. When you get out of your dressing room, you go down the stairs and pass by the trophy gallery. You are then in the antechamber and wait for the TV to show you the 'go' and enter the court.

At that moment, I could feel all the pressure she was under, and it reminded me of my 2007 final. I thought: 'If she is in the same mindset as I was six years ago, I can make the most of it…' Yet, the end of the match was extremely tight," Bartoli explained to We Are Tennis.

Bartoli didn't let Lisicki make a stunning comeback

Lisicki won three consecutive games in the second set to reduce the deficit to 5-4 but Bartoli won the 10th game to book a straght-set win. "Sabine was lost on the court, while I felt good… I was up 5-1, I scored another winning backhand and made it 15-40.

I have rewatched Guy Forget and Frédéric Viard’s commentaries on Canal+ several times since then. They said: 'The match is over…' The problem is that I, on the court, thought the same thing and I froze completely.

If you are a tenth of a second late on a 120 mph serve, you cannot return it properly. Your return is too short, and your opponent wins the point. Sabine relaxed a bit, the crowd pushed her, it all went fast… I started thinking: 'If she does this, if I do that, if she makes it back to 5-5, what am I going to do?' Honestly, if I had lost a Wimbledon final after leading 6-1, 5-1, 15-40, I don’t think I would have made it through," Bartoli added.