Teng Biao: "Shuai Peng is being held, that's not fair!"

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Teng Biao: "Shuai Peng is being held, that's not fair!"

The world of tennis continues in the doubts and mystery of where did Shuai Peng go? The Chinese tennis player a few months ago accused a former member of the Chinese Parliament withl charges and since that moment her life has radically and undoubtedly changed negatively.

In a few days her social post was removed and for several weeks there was no more news of the athlete. After declarations of more and more important people in the world of sport and not, some videos emerged where Peng declared herself calm and serene and at the same time, however, she no longer made any reference to those accusations.

After all this WTA president Steve Simon announced that tournaments in China for women's tennis are suspended and the federation is awaiting news of the tennis player. The mystery of the Shuai Peng is now more and more dense, there are contradictory rumors about it and the situation promises to be anything but simple.

The latest on Shuai Peng's situation

In recent days, the team USA has decided to boycott the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Formally, athletes will be able to participate in the important event, but no administrative representative will go to China.

One of the main reasons for this choice is precisely the situation and the lack of real information about the conditions of the tennis player Shuai Peng. Attorney Teng Biao, one of the best-known dissidents of the Chinese government led by Xi Jinping, spoke to the microphones of CNN.

Here are his words: "Of course she is not sure at the moment, I don't think this is right, she is currently controlled by the Chinese authorities. Nobody really knows where Shuai Peng is. She is detained somewhere."

Finally the human rights lawyer concluded: "The world should give priority to moral principles and freedom and not to money." On the delicate issue, Flavia Pennetta has also expressed herself in the last few hours.

The former Italian champion made interesting statements to the Adnkronos news agency: "There are so many gray areas on this matter that only Peng Shuai can clear up. We only know that she disappeared on November 2nd after writing that post in which she accused a senior Chinese party official of abusing her and that Corriere della Sera published today.

In the last month she has only appeared in a tennis tournament in which she rewards some children. What I feel like saying is that the whole tennis family is with her. We hope to see you again soon to smile again and to be able to speak freely.

The associations of WTA and ATP players have done well to take a clear position and suspend tournaments in China until there is clarity on this sad story. We hope as soon as possible."