'Adrenaline junkie' Emma Raducanu thinking of getting herself motorbike licence

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'Adrenaline junkie' Emma Raducanu thinking of getting herself motorbike licence

World No. 19 Emma Raducanu reveals that she is a "big adrenaline junkie" and that she is thinking of getting herself a motorbike licence. Raducanu, 19, has a driver's licence but since she is a big motorsports fan she my try to drive something more speedy.

"I'm a big adrenaline junkie. I have my driver's licence but I'm a big motorsports fan so maybe get my motorbike licence - something speedy and fun," Raducanu told Sky News. Raducanu revealed that at Wimbledon -- where she made the round-of-16 as a wild card -- she felt the rush of adrenaline she had never felt before.

"Wimbledon was the first moment I was being competitive on a global scale. Obviously there was so much excitement going on and adrenaline I'd never felt before, because it was the first time," Raducanu said.

Raducanu has her trophy returned to her

After winning the US Open, Raducanu shipped her US Open trophy straight to the LTA. "I just thought the LTA had done so much for me and I just wanted them to have it as a sign for everything they had done for me through the young ages.

They played a huge role in my development so it’s a little gift,” Raducanu said back in October. Raducanu said the LTA did a lot for her so she thought shipping the trophy to them would be a nice gift. “I haven’t actually seen it.

I got it shipped straight to the NTC so I can’t wait to go. I don’t know if it’s there right now, but that’s the address,” Raducanu further explained. “I just thought it was a nice gift and a nice moment.

I think they’ve (LTA) done a lot for me so it was just a token of appreciation. A special one." Raducanu is hoping to continue her rise in 2022 as she hired Angelique Kerber's ex-coach Torben Beltz for the 2022 season.