'Determined' Bernard Tomic: No one can stop me now, but me


'Determined' Bernard Tomic: No one can stop me now, but me

Bernard Tomic revealed he is feeding off the hate he receives and he is as motivated as ever to work hard and achieve notable things in tennis. Tomic was one of the promising and talented players from his generation but he never committed or dedicated himself fully to the game.

Tomic's downfall started around 2017 and since then he has disappeared from the big scene. "I’ve had a lot of hate in my life. But I can’t give up. You don’t think I see the hate comments? It hurts," Tomic said on Instagram, as revealed on Tennishead.

“In the past I used to let it get to me and react out of stupidity. But now I’m using it as fuel. “I’m back. I’m hungry, and I’m ready. No one can stop me now, but me. “I’m training, I’m sweating, I’m pushing, I’m fired up.

Whatever it takes to get back on top. “Hard work pays off. I’ve put my blood sweat and tears into this sport. I have come back before. It’s time to set the record straight”.

Tomic was ready to walk away from the game

Tomic, 29, was near calling it a career two and a half years ago.

"I stopped playing two-and-a-half years ago. I went ‘I’m over it’. I had outside distractions,” he said. “But I’m kind of bored of that too now to be honest”. Tomic has made many controversial comments throughout his career but he now regrets it.

Tomic admitted he was tired by the age of 25 and that was the one of the reasons why he was often saying nonsense in the media. “I had too much success at a young age,” he said. “Everything got to me. The travel, day in, day out tournaments.

By age 25 I was tired and starting saying dumb s*** in the media. “There are so many things I should not have said, should not have done. But I did”.

Bernard Tomic