Stefanos Tsitsipas explains how he sees and embraces pressure

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Stefanos Tsitsipas explains how he sees and embraces pressure

Stefanos Tsitsipas insists he welcomes pressure as gnats something helps him grow and reach new levels. Tsitsipas has accomplished some pretty notable things and there is certain expectation on him. "I definitely embrace the pressure and make it a part of me.

It's something that I strive for. Instead of becoming my enemy, it becomes my friend. I live and breathe for pressure. And that's when the best of things come," Tsitsipas said, as quoted on Sportskeeda. Tsitsipas was tipped by many to win a Grand Slam and potentially become a world No.

1. "Many people see pressure as a curse and something that is really negative and it's seen as something that's very difficult to deal with. But I really see it on the bright side of things. I do feel like pressure is something that can lead to great things in life.

Whether you're doing sports or anything else, having the opportunity to feel that pressure is incredible," Tsitsipas added.

Tsitsipas never gets satisfied

Tsitsipas is someone who is always welcoming new challenges as that excites him.

"Every day is a brand new day and it's just exciting too," Tsitsipas said. "Start every single day hungry and as if you've never done anything before, and I think that's the mentality that leads to good things in life, whether that's in your career or life." Tsitsipas' season came to an end on an unfortunate way as he was forced to retire his Paris Masters opener after just one game and he was also forced to withdraw from the ATP Finals after only one match played.

However, Tsitsipas should be ready for the start of the new season. "My elbow is fantastic. I am sure I will be 100% back. The goal is definitely to go even higher. I hope the preparation goes well and that the new year will be three times better than this season," Tsitsipas said during his appearance on the Greek TV channel ANT1.