Roberto Bautista Agut speaks on adding Daniel Gimeno Traver to his coaching staff

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Roberto Bautista Agut speaks on adding Daniel Gimeno Traver to his coaching staff

World No. 19 Roberto Bautista Agut admitted he never thought he and coach Pepe Vendrell would go their separate ways. After 11 years of collaborating, Bautista Agut split with coach Vandrell. “It's a moment you never see coming,” Bautista Agut told the ATP Tour website.

“Pepe and I have practically been one person for all this time. We were by each other's sides for many years and I've enjoyed some of the best moments of my career with him in my corner. It's a big change, especially at first.

You have some well-drilled routines, you're really used to certain things, the way you work with a person”. Bautista Agut added former Spanish tennis players Daniel Gimeno Traver and Tomas Carbonell to his coaching staff for 2022.

“Dani has started out very keen and excited. I have approached it with the same attitude and I feel very happy. Dani is great, a very good guy,” Bautista Agut said. “We already had a good relationship off the court.

Now I guess the relationship will be even stronger”.

Bautista Agut and Gimeno Traver know each other very well

Gimeno Traver and Carbonell will split the weeks between Bautista Agut's side throughout the season.

“We’ve met up quite a lot, we’ve even played each other in the odd match,” Bautista Agut recalled. “We’ve played doubles tournaments together. Dani is a player who has had a very long career.

He’s someone who has a lot of experience after being a good player. He has a different background to Pepe, who has been fantastic and fundamental for my career. “Dani will tell me new things, he’ll help both technically and tactically.

They are both quite different. Also, I’m also going to be with Tomas this year. I’ve worked with him before, we know each other and it will be important to get his advice”.