Wimbledon junior champion Shintaro Mochizuki reveals advice Kei Nishikori gave him

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Wimbledon junior champion Shintaro Mochizuki reveals advice Kei Nishikori gave him

2019 Wimbledon boys' singles champion Shintaro Mochizuki received some advice from Kei Nishikori after he hit with the 2014 Us Open runner-up at the IMG Academy for the first time. Mochizuki, 18, is one of the most promising players in the world, having won the 2019 Wimbledon boys' singles title.

Nishikori has been one of the best players on the Tour over the last decade and the Japanese are hoping Mochizuki will be the next big Japanese player. Mochizuki is ranked at No. 387 in the world and in 2022 he will be aiming to make his first breakthrough.

"It would be nice to have experience like this when your physique is still immature. You can't win a simple power game, try to be patient, run around and hit deep," Mochizuki said.

Mochizuki grew up idolizing Federer

Mochizuki grew up looking up to Federer and when he got to know him he realized the Swiss was a nice and person as well.

"I've been looking up to Federer since my childhood and I still like him very much, I want to be like him. He is kind of unreadable, disguises his feelings on the court, I think that should trouble his opponent," Mochizuki said of Federer.

"I hit with him several times at Atp Finals, he is a nice guy off the court, a fun person, that's nice." Meanwhile, top-ranked Japanese tennis player Nishikori is aiming to have a big 2022 season. "I'm still about No. 50, need to be back in the top-20 or 30 to get seeded at the Grand Slams.

Want to come back to the position to make semis at the Grand Slams in the next couple of years, that's one of my motivations, the atmosphere of Slams is special," Nishikori said. Nishikori has battled various injuries over the last few years and it remains to be seen if he can have a big 2022 season.

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