Jill Craybas discusses Naomi Osaka making mental health talking point

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Jill Craybas discusses Naomi Osaka making mental health talking point

Former American tennis player Jill Craybas thought it was "bold" of Naomi Osaka to come out and speak so openly about mental health. Osaka announced she would not be doing press conferences at the French Open. After winning her first round match at Roland Garros and receiving lots of criticism, Osaka pulled out of the rest of the event and admitted she had been battling anxiety and depression for years.

Osaka then took a two-month break before returning to action at the Tokyo Olympics. "I always felt when she was in her media conferences, it was always a bit of like a quirky conversation. I got the sense that she is a little bit introverted but likes to express herself on social media where you felt like you got to know her a little bit more, you could see her character a little bit," Craybas said on the Tennis Talk podcast, as revealed on Sportskeeda.

Osaka ignited the mental health talk

"It was intriguing to see her come out and say that that has a tough impact on her. I think it was very bold of her to come out and make it (mental health) sort of a really big talking point," Craybas added.

Another big name athlete that came out and spoke about her mental health was gymnast Simone Biles. "I felt like its been there in the athletic world where it is something that affects a lot of athletes but wasn't talked about as much as it is now.

More athletes have started and have talked about mental health. It's definitely something to talk about and it's good to see that athletes are expressing it. This allows people to relate to them a little bit more," Craybas said.

Osaka played her last tournament of the 2021 season at the US Open. Osaka is expected to open her 2022 season in Melbourne.