Yuki Bhambri thinks contracting virus aggravated his knee


Yuki Bhambri thinks contracting virus aggravated his knee

Former world No. 83 Yuki Bhambri reveals he draws inspiration from Andy Murray and Juan Martin del Potro. Bhambri was once one of the most promising juniors, having won the 2009 Australian Open boys' singles title. Unfortunately for Bhambri, his career has been marked by injuries and he never became a big time player.

Bhambri played only a few tournaments this year and this past summer he underwent a minor procedure on his knee. "In tennis there are a lot of factors that come into play,” Bhambri told the Olympics website. “Some people struggle to deal mentally with the tour.

For me, it’s because my body hasn’t supported me. “I take a lot of motivation from the fellow players who would have deserved to win more. There’s Del Potro. There’s Andy Murray who has no reason to play, but he’s still at it with a metal hip.

That’s encouraging”.

Bhambri on contracting virus

Bhambri contracted COVID-19 in April and he thought it had something to do with his knee pain. COVID-19 is known to cause joint pain. "I think COVID-19 had something to do with it, because it was the same week that I felt pain in the knee,” Bhambri said.

“Maybe it just aggravated it”. Bhambri, 29, is still relatively young and he is not ready to simply walk away from the game. "Knowing that you can play the Slams, knowing that you can compete against the best, that keeps you going,” Bhambri explained.

“You always learn from your failures but success is as important to get that added motivation to work. You don’t lose that certain level of tennis. But for me the challenge is to be on court and being able to compete.

My only goal is to give myself that opportunity. I’m not worried about if I will be able to get success, or if I can win my match. My battle is if I can be on court, can I step on court”.

Yuki Bhambri