Venus Williams jokes: Exhausted from too much shopping but there is no giving up

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Venus Williams jokes: Exhausted from too much shopping but there is no giving up

Former world No. 1 Venus Williams is enjoying her offseason vacation in Paris. While in Paris, Wiliams visited Place Vendome -- one of her favorite places in the city. "A view of Place Vendome for those who have not been. One of my favorite places in Paris." Williams captioned one of her stories.

Williams is enjoying her time in Paris but she also took to social media to reveal the results of the work she has been putting in the gym over the last few months. "I have been upping the weight instead of the reps in the gym over the last few months.

Here are the results! I still can’t really get a quad muscle to save my life…but I am working on it!" Williams said.

Williams jokes she is 'exhausted' from shopping

"It was just too much shopping....I'm exhausted.

However I will stay strong and carry on", Williams joked. Recently, coach Rick Macci recalled his first impression of Venus and Serena. "I wasn't impressed at first. But then when they started competing, it was brutal," Macci said during his interview with YouTube channel Tweener Head, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"I've seen a lot, I never saw two little girls run so hard and almost fall over to get a ball. Quick, strong, fast. And they would go for the jugular." Macci, who was one of the first coaches to work the Williams sisters, insisted the knew they would "transcend the sport." "I knew they could transcend the sport.

I just knew what I could do and I saw their potential," Macci said. "They not only checked every box, they checked a few more." The Williams sisters have always had a close bond. "Venus and I worked so hard. Still to this day we work side by side at practice.

We motivate each other. Like I said on the court, every time she won her match, I felt obligated to win - I've got to win too. The motivation she gives me is second to nothing," Serena said.

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