Maria Sharapova speaks on her love for architecture

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Maria Sharapova speaks on her love for architecture

Former world No. 1 Maria Sharapova opened up about her love for architecture during her appearance on the Sports Business Radio. While traveling around the world as a professional tennis player, Sharapova started getting interested in architecture.

Sharapova also expressed admiration for her favorite architect Frank Gehry. "One of the things I enjoyed during traveling was architecture," Sharapova said. "It started with my love for Frank Gehry, who is an incredible, incredible architect to this day and is designing some of the most forward-thinking and interesting buildings and homes." Sharapova was an absolute fan of the Gehry work.

"My goal as a young girl was to find a Frank Gehry-designed building," Sharapova said. "Because they were so distinct and obvious in look and feel, whenever I would go to Prague or Australia, my mission was to find one and photograph it for my mom."

Sharapova proud she was able to provide for her family

Sahrapova's family didn't have much when they moved to Florida in 1994 and the Russian was determined to make it in tennis and be able to provide for her family.

"Looking back at that now, I am incredibly proud that I have been able to provide for myself and my family." Sharapova wanted financial stability so she could take good care of her family. "It is an accomplishment, but it is a sense of safety, right? It is a sense of I know that I can take care of their health, I can make them happy and that they're going to be okay," Sharapova added.

Also, Sharapova recalled her famous "I feel pretty" advertisement for Nike in 2006. "Shooting a big-time production to then go into the Us Open and launch it during the US Open and that is the first US Open that I win, it was incredibly special," Sharapova admitted.

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