Garbine Muguruza recalls losing 2020 Australian Open final

Muguruza was beaten by Sofia Kenin in the 2020 Australian Open final.

by Dzevad Mesic
Garbine Muguruza recalls losing 2020 Australian Open final

Former world No. 1 Garbine Muguruza was disappointed she didn't win the Australian Open in 2020 because that's one of her favorite tournaments. Muguruza came close to winning her first Australian Open title in 2020 but she fell just short after losing to Sofia Kenin in three sets.

Muguruza won the opening set of the final but Kenin recovered to win her maiden Grand Slam title. “I was on the verge of the trophy in that final. It is a tournament that I like a lot because it is summer, it is Australia and the people there are very fond of sports and understand tennis," Muguruza told RTVE, as revealed on Punto de Break.

Muguruza had a strong end to 2021

Muguruza won her maiden WTA Finals title in her last tournament of the season. "I feel really happy, and also a little relieved, because at the beginning of the tournament I struggled to find a good game, but then I gradually managed to adapt," Muguruza said after her WTA Finals victory.

"This one. victory means even more because it was achieved here in Latin America, and especially in Mexico, where the public has always supported me since the first time I came to play here, when I was an unknown player." Muguruza didn't win a Grand Slam this year but she made five finals and won three titles.

"I truly believe this has been my best career season, even though I haven't won slam tournaments," Muguruza claimed. "It was a season in which I managed to find continuity in the game, albeit with ups and downs in the result.

The last few seasons have been mixed, but never because of my tennis: sometimes I may not be able to put all the pieces together, but my tennis is always there. "Now I have managed to find a balance towards which I have worked a lot with my team: this victory shows us that work pays off and that we are following the right path."

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