Paula Badosa explains why Garbine Muguruza could win all four Grand Slams

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Paula Badosa explains why Garbine Muguruza could win all four Grand Slams

Spanish tennis star Paula Badosa believes fellow compatriot Garbine Muguruza could end up winning all four Grand Slams. Muguruza, 28, is a two-time Grand Slam champion, having won the French Open in 2016 and Wimbledon the following year.

Muguruza was also close to winning the Australian Open in 2020 but she ended runner-up to Sofia Kenin in the final. "Winning all four Grand Slams is what everyone dreams of, maybe saying it puts pressure on me, but that's good, you have to dream big," Muguruza told ESPN Deportes.

Badosa, 24, wouldn't be surprised if Muguruza achieved her goal. "She has a talent for doing it, she has shown it. She is a very competitive and eager person," Badosa told Mundo Deportivo.

Badosa a big Muguruza admirer

Badosa is now the second best-ranked Spanish woman, just behind Muguruza.

Badosa enjoyed a breakout season in 2021 and recently she spoke about her admiration for Muguruza. "She is a player who has always been a mirror in which to look at myself,” Badosa said of Muguruza. “She broke all the stereotypes.

Such a dynamic and aggressive game was not common in Spanish tennis. “She is tall, different, my favorite. She has a game that I loved when I was growing up. I have always said that I would like to go where she has arrived.

I am getting closer to her level and it’s an honor to have two Spanish women here." Badosa made the semifinal in her Wta Finals debut before losing to Muguruza. Badosa failed to beat Muguruza but the two-time Grand Slam recognized the 24-year-old's breakout 2021 season.

"Very proud of Paula. She started the year far in the rankings, and now she's a Top 10 player. Very impressive. She deserves a very well rest. Very happy for her year," Muguruza said of Badosa.

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