Coach Alex Bogomolov explains Jack Sock's slump following 2017 season

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Coach Alex Bogomolov explains Jack Sock's slump following 2017 season

Former American tennis player Alex Bogomolov suggested Jack Sock got carried away following a big 2017 season and that was the main reason behind the slump that followed. In 2017, Sock won his maiden Masters title in Paris, debuted at the ATP Finals, as well as acheived a career-high ranking of No.

8 in the world. After a career-best year, Sock won just 10 matches in 2018 and only one match in 2019. "What happened to Jack is quite common for many tennis players. You have a season where you get a lot of points and the following year you feel the pressure.

I think his first mistake was to relax after getting the best ranking at the end of 2017. He didn't train as hard as he should have during that offseason and in that way he started 2018 with some unexpected losses. Confidence ran out and that season was really terrible," Bogomolov told Ubitennis.

Sock contemplated a retirement

"Then at the beginning of 2019 he injured his thumb, he couldn't work on his fitness for six months and so when he returned at the end of that year he was overweight and also hurt his back.

He had to restart from the challengers but on a physical level he was not able to play even at that level and when he lost all his points he thought seriously about retiring," Bogomolov continued. "When we started talking, he had no coach and no plans to return to a high level.

Together with his wife they were looking for accommodation in Charlotte but it was difficult for him to find a coach. I think we were lucky for each other to find us. It is fair to say, however, that when he reached the top 10 he was still quite young and up until that moment he had never had the pressure of having to win at all costs as he never had too many points to defend."

Sock won the Little Rock Challenger this year and managed to return to the top-150 as he is now ranked at No. 145 in the world.