Rising Aleksandar Vukic hoping to earn Australian Open wildcard

Vukic made his Australian Open this year after receiiving a wildcard.

by Dzevad Mesic
Rising Aleksandar Vukic hoping to earn Australian Open wildcard

Aleksandar Vukic, 25, lost two Challenger finals late in the season but he wasn't that much dissapointed because he still considered it as good results. Vukic enjoyed a breakout year at the age of 25 and now he is enjoying a career-high ranking of No.

156 in the world. “You don’t get too many of those moments and even though I lost, it felt awesome,” Vukic told News Corp. “There were probably five or six guys who played with me that were there, then some of the people from the community and a few of the coaches as well.

“That’s the feeling I’ll hopefully get here (in Australia) as well”.

Being away from home wasn't easy for Vukic

Vukic usually finds time in the year to return home and relax a bit but this year it wasn't that easy due to all the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

“When you’re travelling to these random places, everyone has goals to try to crack a certain ranking and you’re doing it for a purpose,” he said. “But you also know that if you grind for a little bit, you can come home for two weeks to reset.

“It was more the unknown this year of not being able to come back that made it tough”. Vukic is considered as a strong candidate for an Australian Open wildcard. Vukic made his Australian Open debut earlier this year after being awarded a wildcard.

The Australian Open organizers have yet to announce which men will receive wildcards for the Australian Open. “From what I’ve heard, they’re waiting until after the first week (of tournaments),” Vukic said.

“The more exposure you get to these top events and top guys (the better). I have as much chance as anyone who can get a wildcard to do well. “I’m obviously there for the experience, but I’m also trying to make the most of it”.

Aleksandar Vukic Australian Open