Iga Swiatek reveals what she did to recharge her batteries after demanding 2021

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Iga Swiatek reveals what she did to recharge her batteries after demanding 2021

Iga Swiatek decided to stay in Europe during the offseason and she had a seven-day road trip to recharge her batteries before the 2022 season. Swiatek finished her 2021 season late as she made her debut at the WTA Finals.

"I had, like, seven days road trip in Europe. I was like next to Lake Geneva, then I went to France a little bit. It was pretty cool. I didn't want to change timezones because we've been changing time zones whole year, so this time I stayed in Europe," Swiatek said, per Lorenzo Ercoli.

Following the conclusion of the 2021 season, Swiatek fired coach Piotr Sierzputowski and added Agnieszka Radwanska's ex-coach Tomasz Wiktorowski. "I'm pretty happy that Tomasz (Wiktorowski) was free because I wanted to work with someone who's from Poland because I think I'm going to be ready for, like, coaches from different countries in maybe one or two years," Swiatek explained.

Swiatek made changes in the offseason

Swiatek worked with Sierzputowski for five years before she decided to split with her long-term coach. "I’ve started my pre-season, but today I would like to tell you something significant… After more than 5 years I’ve decided to finish my cooperation with my coach Piotr Sierzputowski," Swiatek announced in early December.

"This change is really challenging for me and this decision wasn’t easy, either… As tennis players we meet on our path a lot of people who contribute great value into our work and, often, into our life too, because we spend almost the whole year on tour together.

I found out that sometimes in our professional life we need changes to develop more, evolve and meet other people with whom we’re going to create a cooperation for the next stages of our development." Swiatek is set to start her season in Adelaide, where she made it all the way last year.

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