Paula Badosa reveals what she did to recharge her batteries after 2021 season

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Paula Badosa reveals what she did to recharge her batteries after 2021 season

World No. 8 Paula Badosa went to the Maldives in the offseason but even on her vacation she still found time to do some gym work. Badosa finished her 2021 season late as she made the semifinal at the Wta Finals. "Well, I didn't have that many days.

I had one week, maybe 10 days, but I tried to disconnect a lot and I think I did it. Ten days for me was enough. On Day 7 I already wanted to play tennis," Badosa told the WTA Tour. "The Maldives were amazing. To be there, to eat whatever I want and do nothing, I enjoyed it.

I love to be near the beach. I grew up next to it, so that was amazing for me. I had to do gym every day as well because I didn't have that much time to prepare for the next season, so at least I was doing a little bit of workout.

But the rest of the day I disconnected."

Badosa aims a huge 2022 season

Last year, Badosa won her maiden Masters title in Indian Wells, debuted at the WTA Finals and broke into the top-10 for the first time in her career.

"It's a different feeling. I'm really, really motivated this year. I really want to do big things and I think I worked very hard in this pre-season thinking about only that. And of course, I had an amazing season last year, but you always want more and to do it better, to be honest.

So that's a little bit my goal this year," Badosa noted. Badosa didn't want to make any changes to her team following a great 2021 season. "Same team. I don't really like changes, to be honest. When I have changes it's because I don't have any other option.

But if I can, I don't like them because I think tennis is already very tough and to have changes, mentally it's never easy," Badosa said.

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