Diego Schwartzman describes personality of players on Argentina ATP Cup team

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Diego Schwartzman describes personality of players on Argentina ATP Cup team

World No. 13 Diego Schwartzman says all the players on the Argentine ATP Cup team have similar personality and they get along very well. Argentina is represented by Schwartzman, Federico Delbonis, Andres Molteni and Maximo Gonzalez.

Federico Coria was also expected to play but he tested positive for COVID-19 just before the start of the tournament. "Everyone is very similar, we know each other since we are young. [Andres] Molteni is the funniest guy in the team, he’s always joking, always smiling.

Then Machi [Maximo Gonzalez], I think he has the experience, you know? He is the old guy in the team," Schwartzman told the Atp Cup. "Federico Coria was the fifth player, but he’s not here, but he is obviously very funny, same age as me.

I think he’s one of my best friends on tour, and then Delbonis, same thing, we know each other since we are 10 years old so we have a very good relationship. "We share a lot, and I think everyone is funny and everyone is always smiling and we have a very good relationship, so we have a very good team."

Schwartzman on what makes Argentina a beautiful country

Schwartzman believes Argentina has many natural beauties and he would definitely recommend it to tourists.

"Well, I love my country. We are a very big country and you have different styles. If you like the south – the mountains, the lakes, the snow – you have to go to Patagonia. I mean, Patagonia it’s one of the famous places in the world.

We are very far but, if you have time you have to come. I have never seen something like this in the world. And also one big part in Chile. We share the Patagonia because los Andes are there, and it’s unbelievable," Schwartzman explained.

"And then in the North you have the desert. Jujuy and Salta, are unbelievable places. And then in the middle is Buenos Aires, the capital, and I live there so I love it."

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