Taylor Fritz discusses importance of being able to find solutions on your own

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Taylor Fritz discusses importance of being able to find solutions on your own

World No. 23 Taylor Fritz has nothing against coaching at team events like the Atp Cup but outside the ATP Cup he is not in favor on-court coaching. Fritz acknowledged that tennis is an individual sport and believes players need to be able to think and find solutions on their owns.

“I think a big part of tennis is being able to strategise and understand what's going on in the match,” Fritz said. “I think tennis is an individual sport and I think a huge part of it is kind of doing these things and figuring it out by yourself”.

Fritz made a winning start to 2022 as he upset Felix Auger-aliassime at the ATP Cup.

Fritz chatted with Michael Russell

During changeovers, Fritz was regularly throwing an idea or a question at United States team captain Russell.

“It was great. It was a lot of fun. It’s great having the whole team there in the zone so we could all talk to each other and being able to communicate with the player and then having stats available if you need it,” Russell said.

“It’s a unique experience, but I’ve enjoyed it. I think it’s great. I’d love to see it in more events, where there is more on-court coaching or on-court involvement between the player and coach or team member”.

Russell enjoyed chatting with Fritz and described him as someone who is very communicative. “Taylor is very communicative, very analytical, which is a good thing and then sometimes it could be a little different, because he is so communicative,” Russell said.

“He says whatever is on his mind, whatever he’s thinking and he always questions everything that I suggest, which can be good because if he doesn’t agree with it, or if it’s something that he wants to detail further, then we have an open discussion about it. “But I appreciate that. I’d rather have more communication than less communication”.

Taylor Fritz