Pietrangeli: "Novak Djokovic's issue? This is not good"

Absent at the ATP Cup Novak Djokovic will instead be present at the Australian Open 2022

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Pietrangeli: "Novak Djokovic's issue? This is not good"

Novak Djokovic has been number one in the world for some time now and many consider him as the strongest tennis player of all time. The Serbian champion has infinite talent, a talent that from a world perspective is almost equal to the controversies that regularly pour out around the tennis star.

Absent at the ATP Cup Novak Djokovic will instead be present at the Australian Open 2022, thanks to a special medical exemption that is generating numerous controversies in these hours. However, as we later saw, upon arriving at the airport, Novak was blocked due to a problem with his Visa, and therefore the Serb was not allowed to enter the country.

Now Djokovic has appealed, the final outcome of the affair is awaited. The experts and especially fans, as well as the media and insiders, are wondering if there is really a disparity between the tennis players in the tournament and a former Italian tennis star, Nicola Pietrangeli, also talked about it.

Pietrangeli's thrust on Novak Djokovic

The former Italian tennis champion gave an interesting interview on the columns of Lapresse and clarified why this choice by the organizers of Tennis Australia does not convince him.

Here are his words: "Novak Djokovic? The players could also go on strike, at which point he plays alone together with those who do not want to vaccinate." The Italian tennis legend then continued: "If you are number 1 you must be respected but you must also respect.cIf world number 34 says I'm not from Australia, he doesn't play.

If number 1 says so, he plays. This is not good." Novak Djokovic now has a great chance as he is defending champion and in Melbourne he has the chance to win his 10th Australian Open tournament. In addition to this, in case of victory, he has the possibility of detaching in the Slam issue Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, his eternal rivals and also members of the now very famous Big Three, those who are part of the history of this sport.

In case of victory Nole will in fact reach 21 Grand Slam tournaments and could be considered in every sense the most successful tennis player ever. After this surprise arrival, another reason to follow the Serbian champion with curiosity.

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