"Australian Open 2022? Not all are Novak Djokovic," said...

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"Australian Open 2022? Not all are Novak Djokovic," said...

In the last few hours, the most discussed topic in the world of tennis is undoubtedly the choice to involve the number one in the world and reigning champion of the tournament Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open 2022. Both the Serbian champion and the Australian Open board have received a lot of criticism in this regard after this decision.

However, as we later saw, upon arriving at the airport, Novak was blocked due to a problem with his Visa, and therefore the Serb was not allowed to enter the country. Now Djokovic has appealed, the final outcome of the affair is awaited.

The tennis player who has always been reluctant towards the vaccine was chosen by Tennis Australia thanks to a vaccination exemption due to alleged problems of the Serbian champion. Given the words of Nole in the past and his repeated statements against the vaccine, many seem perplexed about this announcement and there are those who want more guarantees.

Where are equal opportunities? What will happen to other unvaccinated tennis players? In Australia they have put in place a heavy precedent and in the last hours the first heavy comparison has arrived. Tennis Australia organizers refused a tennis player without a vaccine.

The particular case of Aman Dahiya

The young talent Aman Dahiya is a seventeen Indian tennis player who was to participate in the Australian Open 2022 this year. The law in India did not provide for the vaccine for the Under 18s (only yesterday they also opened to this age group) and for this reason alone Dahiya could not be vaccinated.

The organizers did not want to know and the tennis player's agent made the following statements: "Aman obtained a visa for Australia, but the organizers were decided and did not want to know, the unvaccinated could not participate.

We explained to him that in India it was not legal to vaccinate the Under 18s, but it was all useless." A case that is certainly particular as it is emblematic and for Dahiya a further mockery was the announcement of Novak Djokovic, apparently the only tennis player without a vaccine in Australia.

What is certain is that this story leaves many obscure points and there are doubts about the true situation of Novak Djokovic. At the moment no one has clarified the reason for this vaccination exemption and without this justification, criticisms will continue to arrive with Australia and Tennis Australia who certainly do not make a good impression in front of the world of sport and beyond, for a choice that makes and will still do discuss.