Matteo Berrettini discusses personality of players on Italy ATP Cup team

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Matteo Berrettini discusses personality of players on Italy ATP Cup team

World No. 7 Matteo Berrettini was asked at the ATP Cup to describe the personality of players on the Italy ATP Cup team. Berrettini suggested there was no need to talk much about the personality of Fabio Fognini as pretty much everyone knows what type of personality Fognini has.

"Fabio [Fognini] has been on Tour a long time, so he’s had the chance to show everybody his personality. I would say that he’s different compared to me. The great thing about him is that he’s just himself.

He’s not trying to cover who he really is. It’s good for him, and for the sport to be true to himself. When it comes to Simone Bolelli, he is someone who Berrettini considers as a real professional. "Simone is such a great guy, always doing the right things in practice, on court and off court.

I’ve known him for a really long time, and he also helped me growing up. We played club matches together and he gave me tips and stuff, so I have a great relationship with him," Berrettini said.

Berrettini on Lorenzo Sonego, Jannik Sinner

"Lorenzo is so funny.

He arrived and made us laugh so much. He’s really genuine, always smiling, bringing good energy and a good vibe, so with him it’s really easy to hang out," Berrettini said of Sonego. Sinner is just 20 but he is someone who is very serious and committed.

"And Jannik is so young, but at the same time he’s so much older. He knows how to have fun, but how to put the work in at the same time. I think what he’s doing is impressive, but I think it comes from his attitude and the way he goes through things.

He’s really mature in that way, and that’s one of the reasons he’s getting crazy results," Berrettini explained.