Richard Gasquet reveals his shock after being told he tested positive in Melbourne

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Richard Gasquet reveals his shock after being told he tested positive in Melbourne

Former world No. 7 Richard Gasquet said he couldn't believe when he was told that he tested positive for COVID-19 upon his arrival to Australia. On January 3rd, it was announced Gasquet tested positive for COVID-19 in Melbourne.

"When I was told, I didn't believe it. 'Are you sure it's not a false positive?' But no. I didn't expect to have it at all. I reassured myself that I had already had it and that I was fully vaccinated and that it should be okay.

But no. I kept telling myself this winter, before leaving: 'It's going to be fine, it's going to be fine, I've already had it, I'm pretty much safe'," Gasquet told L'Equipe.

Gasquet having a hard time in the isolation

"It's hell, in a nutshell.

Truly. Staying in the bedroom for a week is a pain in the ass," Gasquet admitted. "But in the hotel, there, it is very hard. The days are long. With the time difference, I get up at seven in the morning. I can enjoy the whole day well (sighs)." Gasquet admitted that mentally it's very hard for him to be isolated in a hotel room.

"Frankly, mentally it's very hard. It's hard. very, very long. I go crazy," Gasquet admitted. Last month, Gasquet revealed he had a date set for Australia and he was looking forward to playing in Melbourne. "I'm leaving on December 27th for the Australian Open, it will come quickly.

Glad to be able to play it again. The end can come, so I'm happy to do it this year. We must try to set off again and prepare well for a good season. I managed to finish in the top 100 in 2021, I hope to do the same this year. And as long as I can play, it's nice to continue," Gasquet said in a recent interview. If everything goes well, Gasquet should come out of the isolation later this week.