Edouard Roger-Vasselin explains what led to him deciding to undergo hip resurfacing

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Edouard Roger-Vasselin explains what led to him deciding to undergo hip resurfacing

Former world No. 35 Edouard Roger-Vasselin had been battling hip pain since 2014 and he suffered one of his biggest blows last April when his seven-year-old son told him that he was so slow and that he should go be a goalkeeper.

Roger-Vasselin, 38, couldn't take it anymore so last July he decided to undergo a hip resurfacing. “He was faster than me. I am supposed to be an athlete and I couldn’t play football with my son. Even he was like, ‘Dad you’re too slow, go be the goalkeeper!

I don’t want you on my team!’. ” Roger-Vasselin told the ATP website. “I remember perfectly that time when I was like, ‘I need to do something.’ “I have time to play with my kids and I want to be able to play football or do sports with my kids.

The quality of life was terrible. If I just had a walk with my wife on the beach, after 30 minutes we had to sit and to stop”.

Roger-Vasselin spoke with Andy Murray, Bob Bryan

“The body reacted every time to protect the pain,” Roger-Vasselin said.

“Every time I tried to tie my shoes, the body was reacting and at the end I couldn’t really tie my shoes. The pain was there from the morning until the evening”. Roger-Vasselin revealed he consulted Murray and Bryan before going under the knife.

“Bob told me to do it right away. He said it was amazing and I had to do it,” Roger-Vasselin said. “Andy and I had a couple of discussions and he said he felt much better after. At the end it was my choice, but for quality of life I had no other option.

“To see them also come back on Tour and have some success, the decision was easy. But it took time to decide… I’m really glad I did it. I was scared to do it. Of course, it was hard. But now I’m really happy”.