Ironic Adriano Panatta against Novak Djokovic

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Ironic Adriano Panatta against Novak Djokovic

Former Italian tennis player Adriano Panatta also said about him on the Novak Djokovic's issue, a topic that has risen to the headlines for a few days and that now bounces on all media, from social networks to national and international televisions.

After the medical exemption granted by the organizers of the Australian slam to the number one in the world, the Serbian tennis player has left for Melbourne, but some problems with the visa presented by the player's team have further complicated the matter.

Djokovic actually landed around 11:30 pm local time, but is currently blocked at the border, waiting for the authorities of the state of Vittoria to verify if the documentation presented complies with federal guidelines.

Ironic Panatta against Nole

Former Italian champion Adriano Panatta, guest of The breakfast club on Radio Capital, criticized the behavior of Novak Djokovic, who has always remained vague regarding his vaccination status.

"Djokovic has to say why he can't be vaccinated," said Panatta, then ironically with a quote from deaf memory. "If the organizers do not clarify the reasons for the exemption then it reminds me of the Marquis del Grillo (one of the most famous Italian movie - ed.) who said: you are a sh*t!" "If he is allergic to the vaccine there is nothing wrong with it, tell it and be explained," added Panatta, who then ruled out the possibility that Djokovic's opponents would refuse to play against it.

"I believe that if you participate in a tournament you accept the rules or refuse by saying I'm not going because I don't agree. I boycotted Wimbledon, but it was other reasons. This is a different case, there is a health problem, life in the locker room becomes a bit promiscuous, but you can't choose who to play against." What happened on Wednesday is yet another chapter that is added to the saga of the colossal Djokovic-Australian Open, which is still destined to last a few more episodes, probably until the start of the first slam of the year.

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