Paula Badosa explains why being in the spotlight is stressful

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Paula Badosa explains why being in the spotlight is stressful

World number 8 Paula Badosa admitted she didn't love being in the spotlight so much, revealing that she felt tense during her time in Spain after the end of the 2021 season. The Spaniard enjoyed a good ending to the year.

In fact in the last part she was very good at conquering the Indian Wells Master 1000, entering the top ten for the first time in her career and therefore competing in the WTA Finals in Guadalajara. "To be honest, I don't really like it because I grew up in a small town and my goal was to do everything possible to be a tennis player.

But of course, when you're a good player, you have these things off the court. I have to start getting used to this type of aspect," she declared in an interview with the WTA Tour. Then she continued: "The things I like most are the photo shoots.

I was a little used to it when my parents worked in the fashion industry. Some days, if I'm not too tired, I also have some fun.I learned it's another world, so I like learning new things.

Paula Badosa explains why being in the spotlight is stressful

Sometimes I get stressed out because I just want to play tennis.

I don't want the other things. But of course I know it's part of my job and I'm happy with it, because it means I'm doing very well. So I'm slowly trying to get used to it. I have a fantastic team that helps me get through all of this," added the 24-year-old native of the United States.

Badosa then added: "I'm getting closer. I think even a week ago, I wasn't even aware of what happened in 2021, because it was very crazy. In Spain too a lot of things were intense. I still didn't believe it when I talked to my coach and told him that I was number 8 in the world, that I had won Indian Wells and had a good year.

The season that has begun will be very tough. That is why it is very important to remain humble and work hard to achieve other excellent results."