Mats Wilander: It would take superhuman effort for Emma Raducanu to win AO

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Mats Wilander: It would take superhuman effort for Emma Raducanu to win AO

Former seven-time Grand Slam champion Mats Wilander thinks it would take "some kind of a superhuman effort" for Emma Raducanu to win a Grand Slam again so soon. Raducanu, 19, put up a stunning run at the Us Open to win her first Grand Slam title.

Raducanu made tennis history at the US Open as she became the first qualifier in tennis history to win a Grand Slam. "I think that there is a good chance that her level is very high," Wilander told Eurosport. "But to believe it's possible to win another Grand Slam again so soon...

I think that takes some kind of a superhuman effort. "If she's able to just rely on her athletic ability to win most of the matches that she gets involved in and then hope that they that she's in the quarter-finals, then the semis are placed against number one and number two, that that something happens and she suddenly believes she can beat that person then yeah, it's possible."

Raducanu set to debut at the Australian Open

Raducanu won the US Open in her debut at Flushing Meadows and now she will try to do the same in her Australian Open debut.

"I feel like the pressure that's on her from the first round is very weird. I don't know if there is a person that is able to put aside the social media and the media hype that surrounds a professional athlete, I don't know if that person exists, who's under 20 years old, I think they are all going to be affected," Wilander added.

"I see it as a massive problem for professional tennis players that are 17, 18, 19. The social media stuff has to be put to the side." Raducanu was scheduled to play at this week's Melbourne Summer Set 1 but testing positive for COVID-19 in December forced her to adapt her schedule.

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