Serbian authorities: Novak Djokovic was lured to Australia to be humiliated

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Serbian authorities: Novak Djokovic was lured to Australia to be humiliated

The Serbian authorities are not happy at all over the whole Novak Djokovic situation as they feel the Serb was "lured to travel to Australia to be humiliated." On Tuesday, Djokovic announced he was granted a medical exemption for the Australian Open.

Djokovic landed in Melbourne on January 5 but then he was detained at the Melbourne Airport for nine hours and ultimately told his visa was cancelled. Djokovic appealed the decision and was transported to an immigration hotel.

The President of the Serbian parliament, Ivica Dacic, described Australia's behavior as "shameful" and the result of “political instability in that country since elections are approaching."

'Any country would give cititenship to Djokovic'

"Any country in the world would gladly give citizenship to Mr Djokovic, let alone let him visit for a tournament," Dacic stated, as quoted on Tennis Up To Date.

The Serbian foreign ministry said in a statement that the Serbian public “has a strong impression that Djokovic is a victim of a political game against his will, and that he was lured to travel to Australia in order to be humiliated.

“Novak Djokovic is not a criminal, terrorist or illegal migrant, but he was treated that way by the Australian authorities, which is causing understandable indignation of his fans and citizens of Serbia," Djokovic was even defended by former Australian Open tournament director Paul Mcnamee.

“It’s not fair. The guy played by the rules, he got his visa, he arrives, he’s a nine-time champion and whether people like it or not he’s entitled to fair play,” McNamee told ABC News. “There’s no doubt there’s some disconnect between the State and the federal government.

I hate to think politics are involved but it feels that way”. During his interview, McNamee suggested that giving a treatment like this a world No. 1 isn't a good look for Australia.

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