Rick Macci recalls his coaching days with Jennifer Capriati

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Rick Macci recalls his coaching days with Jennifer Capriati

Iconic coach Rick Macci revealed Jennifr Capriati is one of his favorite students of all time. Macci is one of the most iconic coaches in tennis history, having worked with a number of player who went on to have great careers.

Capriati herself enjoyed a strong career as she captured three Grand Slam titles and became a world No. 1 in 2001. "Jennifer Capriati is one of my favorite students of all time. She came to me as a ten-year-old and right away I knew that she could be one of the best players in the world," Macci said, per Sportskeeda.

"She had amazing balance and good fundamentals."

Macci was impressed by Capriati's resilience and toughness

"To become No.1 in the world, to become a Top-10 player aged 14 and then come back after a hiccup to win two Grand Slams.

Forget the mental fortitude. She had firepower," Macci said. "She had all the weapons to go right back in the field and play through anybody. All that started when she was 10-years-old." Macci also worked with Serena and Venus Williams.

Recently, actor Jon Bernthal -- who played the role of Macci in King Richard movie -- revealed what Serena told him about Macci. "Everybody who talked about Rick Macci, including Serena Williams, the first thing they said is, 'It was among the funnest times in their lives.

Just playing for Rick was fun," Bernthal said. Macci recently declared Williams as the greatest tennis player of all time. "Williams as the greatest tennis player of all time and said it's not even close. "To me it’s easy with [the women], you already know what I’m going to say,” Macci told Essentially Sports.

“I think if you just judge it on the accomplishments and with your eyes, I don’t think anybody is even close to Serena. “I just don’t even think it’s close. Nothing against anybody else, but she’s incredible."