Pierre-Hugues Herbert: Just because I’m unvaccinated it doesn’t mean I’m anti-vax

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Pierre-Hugues Herbert: Just because I’m unvaccinated it doesn’t mean I’m anti-vax

France’s Pierre-Hugues Herbert said he doesn’t feel guilty about not taking the COVID-19 vaccine yet. Herbert, a former doubles world No. 2, was the first player to withdraw from the Australian Open due to their vaccination mandate.

At the Paris Masters, Herbert hinted he could skip the Australian Open. After deciding not to travel to Australia, Herbert decided to kick off his season at the Forli Challenger. Unfortunately for Herbert, he announced last week he tested positive for COVID-19.

During his interview with Franceinfo, Herbert stated that he doesn't like the anti-vax label and noted that just because someone is not vaccinated it's doesn't mean automatically that he is anti-vax.

Herbert not feeling guilty

“They try to make me feel guilty, but personally I don't feel that way.

I tested positive for Covid-19 in the middle of the week. I’m doing well, I have had minor symptoms so far. I am at home with my wife and my child,” Herbert told Franceinfo, when asked if he felt guilty. Herbert announced a positive test on January 8.

“Unfortunately I will not be able to travel to Forli 2&3, Italy next week as I have tested positive for COVID-19. I'm feeling well and only have minor symptoms at the moment. Hope to be back soon competing on the tennis court," Herbert announced.

After Novak Djokovic was granted a medical exemption for the Australian Open, Herbert predicted there would be problems. “I'm not shocked, nor do I feel wronged," Herbert told L'Equipe. "I don't think he is the only one who has got one [an exemption].

And I would not like to be in his place when he gets off the flight, because I don't think he will be greeted like a No. 1 in the world. "If his exemption was accepted, it was for valid reasons. Having experienced the rigorousness of the Australian Open the previous year, I thought the answer would be negative. And I'm surprised, pleasantly."